Lenox Chosen for Virtual Marketing Internship

February 18, 2009

Greenville, SC – – February 18, 2009 – – The Marketing Beacon, a provider of custom-designed marketing services centered on business growth, announces the internship of Aaron Lenox, a student at Furman University.  Lenox, a junior business administration major, will contribute to The Marketing Beacon’s client projects involving branding, direct mail, email marketing, advertising, public relations, events, websites and more.  In cooperation with Furman University, this internship program is designed to give students real-world experience by engaging them in a variety of marketing tasks ranging from strategic plan development to tactical implementation.  Course credit is awarded for the successful completion of the internship semester.  The unique structure of this virtual internship balances frequent email communications with traditional face-to-face project review meetings at The Marketing Beacon’s main office. 

“Our business model is based on the collaborative work of a skilled, talented and professional virtual team,” says William Russell, marketing pilot for The Marketing Beacon.  “The internship program works similarly where students like Aaron do not have to be confined to a physical space in order to contribute to marketing projects and the business.  Furman University has embraced this concept and we appreciate the high caliber students they match us with and the opportunity to participate in their academic program.”

“Working under a virtual structure offers a number of learning opportunities.” adds Lenox.  “There is a lot of schedule flexibility which allows me to work on assignments at just about any time.  At the same time, I’m learning the disciplines of meeting deadlines and adhering to prioritized marketing tasks that are assigned to me.” 

About The Marketing Beacon

The Marketing Beacon develops, executes and manages custom-designed marketing strategies centered on growing businesses.  Application of marketing expertise and know-how is emphasized to help companies gain greater market visibility and awareness, neutralize buyer risk and develop customer trust for repeat business.  This is accomplished by taking companies on a journey to marketing excellence with the goal of growing a client’s business… pure & simple. 

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