Lessons learned from letting go

December 6, 2017

By Brian Maynor


As 2017 draws to a close and we celebrate a season of giving, now is the perfect time to reflect on the past year, particularly what we’ve had to let go.

Whether it’s personal or professional, loss is part of life that comes in all shapes and sizes.  From the major loss of a loved one to letting go of a dream, there are lessons we can learn from each one; no matter how much it may hurt in the moment.  Some people call them silver linings while others call them lifesavers.

Here are some of those lessons:

1.   Every day matters.  After the loss of a loved one, our perspective on the importance of every day comes into focus a little more, but as life moves on that focus tends to shift back to the minutia of life.  While life is hectic and all consuming, we should always take a moment to enjoy it.  Love the ordinary and mundane, but never let it stop you from loving, and living, in the moment.

2.     Take risks.  Dreams don’t come true unless you work for them, which mean taking risks.  Think about how many dreams have been let go of simply because we weren’t willing to work for them, or take a chance.  It’s sad really, because nothing was stopping us but ourselves.  Don’t let it happen to another dream.  Stop waiting, second-guessing or being afraid of what could happen.  We can’t fly without being brave enough to jump.

3.    Make your own rules.  This is our life, so why not make our own rules?  While society does impose some restrictions, there are a lot more opportunities to be unicorns than sheep.  We give up and let go of a lot of what makes us unique and special by going through life confined and restrained to only following the status quo.  Maybe it’s time to let go of the life the world tells us to live and embrace the one that reflects who we truly are instead.

4.    Pain and joy don’t happen in a vacuum.  A funny thing about emotions is that no matter how far apart they are, they can happen simultaneously.  Think about joy and sadness.  Two polar opposite emotions that we can actually feel at the same time.  It can be overwhelming.  The important thing to remember is that our thoughts heavily influence our emotions.  Instead of focusing on the pain of loss or letting something go, try to think about the possibilities waiting to replace it.

Loss has a profound impact on our lives, no matter what its shape or size, but just as profound is how we choose to deal with it.  We can either let the loss be a constant source of pain or resentment or we can use it as a reminder and motivation to enjoy and make the most of every day.  It’s up to us.

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Click here or on the images below to learn more about the outfit.


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