Life-changing prostate procedure available at AnMed Health Urology

September 8, 2020

Using a minimally invasive procedure for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), they are improving men’s quality of life by permanently correcting their enlarged prostate issues and getting them off of medications. BPH affects 40 million men in the U.S. BPH occurs when the prostate gland that surrounds the urethra becomes enlarged with advancing age and begins to obstruct the urinary system. Symptoms of BPH often include interrupted sleep and urinary problems and can cause loss of productivity and depression and lead to decreased quality-of-life.

Medication is often the first line of therapy for enlarged prostate, but relief can be inadequate and temporary. Side effects of medical treatment can include sexual dysfunction, dizziness and headaches, prompting many patients to quit using medications altogether.

For those patients, the classic alternative is surgery that either cuts, heats or removes the prostate tissue to open the blocked urethra. While current surgical options can be very effective in relieving symptoms, they can also leave patients with permanent side effects such as urinary incontinence or sexual dysfunction. The procedure – The UroLift System – is the only one shown not to cause new and lasting erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction, while being a safe and effective treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms due to BPH. UroLift has recently been designated by the American Urological Association as part of the standard of care in the treatment of BPH.