Lt. Governor Check to Rec District to Benefit Greenville Seniors

December 13, 2010

GREENVILLE, SC – December 13, 2010 – Lt. Governor Andre Bauer presented a  $350,000 check to the Greenville County Recreation District (GCRD) today to help fund renovation and expansion of the agency’s 40-year-old Westside Aquatic Center, creating a magnet center where Greenville County senior citizens can access a heated therapeutic swimming pool, walking trails, fitness center and activities year round.

This partnership of GCRD and Senior Action to operate a ‘Senior Health and Wellness Center’ at the Westside Aquatic facility is a blessing to Greenville County senior citizens, said Andrea Smith, executive director of Greenville Senior Action.  We envision a magnet location that the clientele of each of Senior Action’s 11 current locations will benefit from by providing them access to regular classes and water aerobic programs.  Early discussions intend for the center to be designated for senior use for 6 hours each day, and truly is an innovative way of delivering wellness services to seniors.

The Permanent Improvement Program (PIP) grant from the Lt. Governor’s Office on Aging, which is funded by state Bingo Tax and licensing fee revenues, is designed to provide for capital improvement projects at senior centers and facilities serving senior needs.  Greenville County Recreation District executive director Gene Smith credited Greenville County Councilman Willis Meadows and District 19 Representative Dwight Loftis for their leadership in securing the grant funds.

The Westside Aquatic Center is currently undergoing a $5 million renovation which began last summer, and which will transform the facility into both a program site for Greenville Senior Action as well as a tournament swimming venue.  The refurbished facility, set to reopen in May 2011, will feature South Carolina’s only 50 meter indoor public swimming facility and competition pool, an addition heated therapeutic swimming pool, indoor and outdoor walking trails, a fitness center, activities room, and specialized programs for senior citizens.

Senior Action is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening Greenville County’s maturing population and their families by providing access to resources needed for physical, emotional and social well-being.  The organization provides a variety of health and wellness programs, social and civic involvement initiatives, and a mix of dining, transportation, care management and home care services to seniors in the community.

For additional information on the Westside Aquatic project or Senior Action services, contact Andrea Smith at (864) 467-3660 or online at