‘Medically Speaking’ Program Continues at Lander

October 2, 2023

People living in 60 other countries have longer lifespans than people in the United States. “That’s terrible,” said cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Brian Goodman, who spoke at Lander University on Tuesday, Sept. 26, on the subject of “How to Live Longer.”

Goodman’s presentation, the first of three “Medically Speaking” programs sponsored by Lander, Greenwood Chamber of Commerce and Self Regional Healthcare, focused on “doable” things people can do to live longer. The “single best thing you can do is to not smoke,” he said, and excessive alcohol intake should be avoided, too. Daily exercise, of both the moderate and vigorous varieties, is another key, and people should eat a plant-based diet that includes foods such as corn, beans and squash. Goodman said that “this formula will get you 10 years.

Photo by Laura B. Wood