M&G Presents Rare Look at the Historic Benjamin West Collection

February 27, 2012

GREENVILLE, SC – On March 8 at 6 p.m., join M&G curator, John Nolan, for a closer examination of the historic Revealed Religion series by famed Anglo-American painter, Benjamin West!

Renowned as the “Father of American Painting,” West rose from humble origins in Pennsylvania to become the official painter for King George III of England, a position he held even during the height of the American Revolutionary War. His Revealed Religion series has been praised by respected art historian, Dr. Alfred Scharf, as “probably forming the most outstanding series of religious paintings in 18th-century England.”This collection of seven monumental canvases, carefully preserved in the War Memorial Chapel at Bob Jones University, has an amazing history that few who come for frequent weddings and recitals hosted in the chapel will ever realize.

Both the artist, Benjamin West, and the paintings played vital roles in the development of American and English 18th-century painting.

This lecture examines these influences upon later Western art, as well as tracing West’s ascent from humble American beginnings to his apogee as the most important figure in England’s artistic society. Finally, the Revealed Religion series will be placed in context by examining the other works that West planned to complete but ultimately was unable to finish due to the illness and eventual madness of King George.

Through John Nolan’s lecture, everyone attending, regardless of interests or background, will have an exclusive but limited opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of a true and rare American treasure: the Revealed Religion series by Benjamin West. Come delve into a rich selection of American and British history!The lecture is hosted by the Museum & Gallery at Bob Jones University in the War Memorial Chapel on the BJU campus. Lecture material is considered high school level and above. The event is free of charge.

For additional information and details of upcoming events, tours, and admission prices, contact M&G at 864-770-1331, or check the website at www.bjumg.org.