Midlands Black Eats Week 803 registration now open for black-owned food establishments, June 19-25

May 31, 2023

Special Events, Menu Items & Tastings Planned Throughout Week

Black Eats Week 803 (BEW803), the Midlands inaugural Juneteenth week celebration, will recognize Black-owned food establishments in the Midlands area, including restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, and creameries. From June 19-25, everyone is encouraged to indulge in special events, menu items, and tastings as this week aims to highlight diverse flavors and cultures in the community.

Black Eats Week 803 invites all black-owned food establishments to participate in this exciting event. It is an opportunity to showcase unique dishes, attract new customers, and gain exposure. Participating businesses will be featured on the BEW803 website for one year to serve as a directory of local eateries, as well as featured on the Soda City Certified app for the entire month of June.

“Did you know that there are over 120 black-owned restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, and creameries in the Midlands?,” said Khali Gallman, BEW803 event organizer. “Success in the restaurant industry is not easy. As a Columbia native, I would like to create awareness about these restaurants to hopefully expand their customer base. Our goal is for everyone in the Midlands to patronize at least one Black-owned food establishment that week in efforts of uplifting and supporting our local small business owners.”

Participating restaurants so far include: Barcode Restaurant, Legacy Caribbean Bar & Grill, Blythewood Seafood Emporium, and Tha River Sports Bar & Grill. Breakthru Beverage, South Carolina’s largest beverage distributor, will sponsor special tasting events at all three establishments during the week. Annie B’s Mini Donuts food truck is also a participant this week.

Breakthru Beverage will provide exclusive tastings of Don Julio tequila and Ciroc vodka at each of the three venues throughout the week. Specialty cocktails will be available at the venue’s discretion. “As soon as we heard about Black Eats Week 803, we signed up immediately,” said Kevin Dudley, event promoter of Goodfellas Entertainment, for Barcode. “Our RnB Thursdays event brings out an average 300+ people each week, where they revel in food and drink specials, hookah, and live music. Collaborating with Breakthru Beverage for our weekly event encompasses everything the Goodfellas Entertainment Group is all about – partnership, fellowship, and reciprocity. We invite everyone of age to stop by and taste our special cocktail, which will be revealed that week.”

Michelle Edwards, owner of Legacy Caribbean Bar and Grill and the newly opened Tha River Sports Bar and Grill, has been a restauranteur for over 10 years in Columbia and is delighted that BEW803 is here. “Longevity in the restaurant industry is something every restauranteur strives, and I have been very fortunate to offer classic Caribbean and southern comfort food in the Columbia area for quite some time now. My passion for food and community allows me to create a truly delightful dining experience. Black Eats Week 803 is a great opportunity to expose my restaurants to new customers as well as welcoming longtime supporters.”

Food trucks and mobile food units have expanded their footprint in the Midlands and continue to broaden the industry. Cheryl Salley, owner of Annie B’s Mini Donuts, expressed her excitement about the event, stating, “Black Eats Week 803 is an amazing platform for food truck operators to bring our mouthwatering creations to the forefront. By introducing our new flavors and savory sweet mini donuts, we have the opportunity to connect with food enthusiasts in the Columbia metropolitan area.”

BEW803 encourages all black-owned restaurants, food trucks, bakeries and creameries in the Midlands area to participate and be part of this culinary celebration. For more information on how to participate or become a sponsor, please visit www.blackeatsweek803.com or call 803.922.5310 to sign up.

 About Black Eats Week 803

Created in 2023, Black Eats Week 803 is a weeklong culinary celebration spotlighting Black-owned restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, and creameries in the Columbia metropolitan area. The premise of the event is to create awareness about Black-owned businesses in the food industry, while stimulating local economy and small business sustainability. www.blackeatsweek803.com