Midwives are growing in popularity. Carolina OB/GYN answers the need.

June 2, 2021

Midwives are growing in popularity, thanks in part to the PBS show, ‘Call the Midwife.’ The stigma that midwifery is fringe care or often less than OBGYN care is largely disappearing and for good reason. A certified nurse-midwife has completed both nursing school and an additional graduate degree in midwifery, and many are accredited through the American College of Midwifery.

“The positive impact of midwifery on maternity care outcomes is well documented. Midwife-led maternity care results in substantially higher rates of vaginal delivery and lower rates of C-sections, as well as significantly lower rates of preterm births and low-birthweight infants. All of our nurse-midwives are trained to recognize problems that might occur during pregnancy and delivery and consult with one of our six female board-certified physicians,” said Dr. Gayle Richmond, founder of Carolina OB/GYN, an all-female practice that offers three certified nurse-midwives providing the area’s only 24/7 midwife program.

Carolina OB/GYN has seen an increased interest in midwives along with Centering Pregnancy, a program that operates under their direction. “Today, more and more women are choosing the services of certified nurse-midwives as a result of the personalized attention and the focus that midwives place on caring for the whole woman,” said Dr. Richmond.

“For many mothers-to-be, the midwife becomes a trusted friend and birthing companion. They oversee the spectrum of maternity care throughout the entire pregnancy, remaining by the woman’s side through labor and delivery and with them following the birth of their baby. Midwives see pregnancy and labor as normal and joyful life processes, not conditions meant to be managed,” Dr. Richmond continued.

Carolina OB/GYN has announced that Deborah (Deb) McKee, a Certified Nurse Midwife with Tidelands Women’s Health, will join Carolina OB/GYN’s existing midwife call schedule. “Deb will be covering call every Monday overnight and one weekend per month. We’re proud of our affiliation with Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital and look forward to working closely with Deb,” said Dr. Richmond.

Carolina OB/GYN’s midwives will be conducting a monthly “Meet and Greet” with Deb in their Murrells Inlet midwife suite. The event presents an opportunity for existing OB patients to meet Deb should they go into labor on her call time. For those planning a pregnancy, it provides the opportunity to learn more about midwife-centered care.

To learn more about midwifery or Centering Pregnancy offered through Carolina OB/GYN, visit them online at www.CarolinaOBGYN.com