Mumford Industries Inc. announces Retrieve™ sustainable plastic sleeves to be distributed by Louis P. Batson Co.

June 28, 2022

Mumford industries Inc., a recycler of post-industrial plastics and manufacturer of Retrieve™ Sustainable Film products is pleased to announce an agreement with Louis P. Batson to distribute for Retrieve™ plastic sleeves and bags designed for the textile industry as eco-friendly packaging for roll goods. Retrieve™ Sustainable Film products are made from reclaimed/ recycled film and can be returned to Mumford after use for recycling.

“Partnering with Louis P. Batson is an excellent opportunity for us to work with a well-established and reputable distribution and supply company who can fulfill our desire to reach companies who are working towards their sustainability goals,” said George Mumford.

Louis P. Batson Company is a trusted partner to manufacturers in the textile, nonwoven, converting, and other related industries. They are committed to representing quality suppliers and selling products that promote responsible stewardship of our finite and renewable resources.

Mumford Industries is based in Ninety Six, South Carolina.