Mumford Industries, Inc. expanding operations in Greenwood County

May 4, 2022

$2 million investment will create 33 new jobs

Mumford Industries, Inc. (Mumford Industries), a post-industrial plastics recycling company and producer of Retrieve® sustainable film products, today announced plans to expand operations in Greenwood County. The company is investing $2 million and creating 33 new jobs.

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Greenwood County, Mumford Industries is one of the leading industrial plastics recycling companies in the Southeast — providing clients with professional and reliable services that give them the ability to be environmentally responsible, profitable and competitive in their business practices. The company serves a variety of industries including automotive, plastics manufacturers, food packaging, distribution and more.

Located at 4730 Ninety Six Highway in Ninety Six, Mumford Industries’ expansion will allow the company to accommodate additional capacity to meet growing demand for recycled materials and environmentally responsible products. Post-industrial plastics recycling and management is complex and ever-changing, and Mumford Industries supplies companies with recycling programs and services that create a positive impact on corporate sustainability goals, budgets and reputations.

Mumford Industries’ newest venture is producing sustainable packaging. Retrieve sustainable film products include bags, pouches and divider/slip sheets made from reclaimed, recycled, unused, scrap plastic film that can be used commercially to offset greenhouse gas emissions and support carbon footprint reduction.

The expansion is expected to be complete in May 2025. Individuals interested in joining the Mumford Industries team should visit the company’s contact page.


“Our expansion is thrilling because we know it will allow us to not only have an even greater impact on the environment, but also the sustainability goals of the companies that call South Carolina home.  We appreciate all the support we have received from Greenwood County to make this happen.” -Mumford Industries President George Mumford

“This expansion is great news for Ninety Six and Greenwood County. Not only is this the most jobs that have been created in Ninety Six in recent history, but Mumford Industries is also a company that is leading the way for a brighter tomorrow for us all. I am grateful for Mumford Industries’ decision to expand operations and their belief in our town and county.” -Greenwood County Councilman Dayne Pruitt


  • Mumford Industries, Inc. (Mumford Industries) is expanding operations in Greenwood County.
  • Company’s $2 million investment will create 33 new jobs.
  • Mumford Industries is a post-industrial plastics recycling company and producer of Retrieve® sustainable film products.
  • Located at 4730 Ninety Six Highway in Ninety Six, S.C.
  • Individuals interested in joining the Mumford Industries team should visit the company’s contact page.