Myrtle Beach Resort Offers '2 for 1' Vacation Deal

January 7, 2009

MYRTLE BEACH, SC – January 7, 2009 – Sands Resorts of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has announced a unique Two-for-One vacation package they are offering to Spring and Summer guests of their seven Myrtle Beach resorts. Sands CEO, Lee Rawcliffe described the offer as a response to our current economy and a chance to introduce new and returning guests to the many renovations and new amenities he has added since purchasing the iconic hotel group in early 2008.

The promotion is unique in that it offers a free two-night Spring or Fall vacation and an additional free night in the summer to those booking a three-night or longer summer stay. The free two-night Spring or Fall vacation can be used as a two-night trip or as two individual night stays. These two nights can also be gifted or as their ad states, sold on eBay. This may allow some creative families to secure a Myrtle Beach vacation for very little expense. Rawcliffe believes the program rewards intelligent shoppers and entrepreneurs, who he believes, are growing in number as the recession continues.

Sure the economy is having an impact on leisure travel, says Rawcliffe, I think anyone in our business would tell you that. Rawcliffe goes on to say, Our main focus has always been the ‘Experience,’ and since our purchase we have invested heavily in remodeling, upgrades, and improved services. During my twenty years in the business, I have never experienced a day when we were not building or remodeling something. I like our guests to see that and many return the next year curious to witness the finished product.

Does Rawcliffe believe this 2 for 1 idea will catch on with the industry? I don’t know, he responds thoughtfully, we are somewhat a seasonal resort, our hotel rooms, condos, and beach houses always have vacancies in the Spring and Fall. This rewards our guests with a chance to profit from that opportunity.

Rawcliffe plans to market the program on the company’s web site: and through his reservation center: 800-726-3783. He also plans direct mail and media campaigns to promote the idea. Recessions are interesting times, Rawcliffe says, They cause businesses to reinvent themselves for the better and often reward consumers with better values. Sands Resorts has a thirty-six year history as a major lodging provider in the Myrtle Beach market. They have been pioneers in packaged golf and family entertainment.