New athlete-based fitness center opens on Upper Peninsula

Today GoGreenFitness, in partnership with FAST, announced its grand opening at 1836 Meeting St. The new fitness and athletic performance center is specifically designed to deliver athlete-based fitness routines while catering to the specific needs of each individual.

Mikeal Green, founder of GoGreenFitness, is a multi-sport graduate of the Citadel and a former Rank Specialist in the Army National Guard. Green takes a whole-human approach to fitness by taking into account each client’s individual lifestyles and fitness goals.

Offering group, individual, online, specialized sports training, and nutrition plans, GoGreenFitness designs each wellness plan around a client’s body and abilities.

“The body says what words cannot,” says Mikeal Green, founder of GoGreenFitness. “We lead each client to achieve the maximum, most sustainable, results by combining stability, mobility and core strength. Whether your goal is to lose weight or increase agility, GoGreenFitness can help.”

GoGreenFitness operates out of a FAST facility, which features minimal machines, functional and stability exercise stations and a turf area to target cardio and heart-healthy movements.

“I am a serious advocate for listening to your individual body and prescribing the fitness routines that will deliver real, lasting results,” says Green. “We are excited to fill a void that has been missing in Charleston’s ever-evolving fitness world with athlete-based training programs and look forward to welcoming the community to GoGreenFitness.”

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