New national podcast for women and men supporting women in non-traditional careers launches

March 3, 2022

‘Women Talk Construction,’ Hosted by Christi Powell and Angela Gardner

UPSTATE, SC – The ‘Women Talk Construction’ podcast premiers Monday, March 7, just in time to celebrate Women in Construction Week. Hosted by Christi Powell of 84 Lumber and Angela Gardner of Hill Electric Company, the national podcast gives a voice to women who are largely underrepresented within the construction industry, as well as those in other non-traditional industries. Men can learn ways to support their female coworkers to drive real change in the workplace. Currently, the construction, industrial, and manufacturing industries are experiencing a shortage of 650,000 people in the industry, and this podcast aims to change that.

Gardner has over 28 years of experience in the construction sector and currently leads Hill Electric as the Director of Business Development. She has worked in the residential, industrial, and commercial construction industries and has a passion for finding ways to support women through their non-traditional journeys.

“‘Women Talk Construction’ will amplify and celebrate women’s non-traditional journeys; focusing on sharing their stories, feeling heard, and being able to inspire others is the whole reason we wanted to create this podcast,” said Gardner.

Powell brings more than 27 years of experience in the industry and is currently the WBE (Women Business Enterprise) Market Manager for 84 Lumber. She previously worked as a Project Manager, Business Development Manager, and Account Manager in both commercial and residential construction.

“Through the podcast, we’ll share stories and experiences to encourage diversity in construction careers. We’ll also have the opportunity to provide mentorship with trust, integrity, leadership, and education, making this podcast a powerful tool in recruiting women to a multitude of non-traditional career paths,” added Powell.

The ‘Women Talk Construction’ website debuts with the first three podcast episodes available on the site as well as on Buzzsprout, Squarespace, Spotify, iTunes, and Google. The initial episodes focus on the impetus of the podcast, diversity, authenticity, and leadership. Also on the website will be the Women Confidence Builders forum. This group will make introductions and connect individuals to one another, share helpful resources, host events, provide industry-related job postings, and give scholarships.

About Women Talk Construction

Based in Greenville, S.C., Women Talk Construction was created to celebrate diversity in the construction industry and other non-traditional career paths for women through unique stories and experiences while creating a culture of mentoring, empowering voices, and changing perspectives. For more information, visit the Women Talk Construction website and follow along on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.