New programs offered at Greenville Technical College

New programs have been approved at Greenville Technical College and are now enrolling students. These programs are designed to meet specific needs for Upstate employers.

A 3D Design and Digital Manufacturing Certificate is an advanced credential intended for technicians who have previously earned an associate degree in several manufacturing-related fields. The additional skills will complement and enhance their abilities in subtractive manufacturing, additive manufacturing, and quality assurance. These skills will help them bridge the gap between engineering design and product fabrication. Employment needs surveys recently conducted by the college indicate that there should be approximately 10 new full-time and five new part-time positions for graduates of this certificate with salaries ranging from $40,000 to $70,000 for full-time work and $25,000 to $35,000 for part-time positions.

An online Data Analytics Certificate teaches basic office skills along with the technological expertise that employers have requested to support the analysis and presentation of company and industry data. An online Business Systems Certificate prepares graduates for entry-level administrative office positions. The curriculum teaches base-level technology and business skills as it also strengthens soft skills. Both new certificates can be taken as stand-alone credentials or added to an associate degree in Administrative Office Technology. The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce projects that administrative jobs in the state requiring two and four-year degrees will command salaries ranging between $15 and $19.72 an hour. The expected growth rate for all administrative fields requiring a degree ranges from 13% in clerical fields to 38% in specific secretarial fields.

A Cybersecurity Certificate provides entry-level training in the field of cybersecurity analysis and engineering with courses mapped to National Security Agency/Department of Homeland Security standards. With information systems increasingly under attack, cybersecurity professionals are ranked highly on best jobs listings. In the Upstate, an employment needs survey conducted by the college indicates approximately 22 new full-time and 5 new part-time positions for graduates of this certificate each year for the next three years with salaries ranging from $41,000 to $80,000 for full-time employment and $25,000 to $35,000 for part-time work.

For more information on the 3D Design and Digital Manufacturing Certificate, contact [email protected] or call (864)250-8850. For information on the Data Analytics Certificate, Business Systems Certificate, or Cybersecurity Certificate, contact [email protected] or call (864)250-8425.