New Version of Blackbaud NetCommunity Helps Nonprofits
 Create Mobile-Ready and Social-Friendly Websites

December 16, 2011

Latest enhancements focus on boosting nonprofits’ effectiveness
in marketing, communications, and campaign execution

CHARLESTON, SC – December 15, 2011 – Blackbaud, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLKB) today announced new enhancements to Blackbaud NetCommunity™, its comprehensive Internet marketing solution that integrates with The Raiser’s Edge® for website management, online community-building, and email marketing.

“The new enhancements in Blackbaud NetCommunity will help us more effectively engage our constituents,” said Harrison DeStefano, College of Charleston’s web strategy manager. “We’re very excited about the new social features – particularly in the event registration process. In addition, the ability to use folders to organize parts will help us streamline the design process and will give us more time to work on strategy and measurement.

Blackbaud has partnered with Janrain, the leader in social identity solutions, to offer customers easy access to robust and reliable social sign-on functionality. The recently released version also features mobile-ready features, integrated multi-channel reporting, a website integration gallery, and embedded “how-to” videos.Blackbaud NetCommunity (v6.41), now available, will help nonprofits:

  • Engage users on their websites by enabling single sign-on with existing Facebook Google, Yahoo!, or Twitter credentials.
    “The social sign-on capabilities help nonprofits maximize the user signups on their websites and engage more effectively online,” said Chris Clark, Blackbaud Internet Solutions product manager. “Once a user is logged into a nonprofit’s website using social sign-on, the organization can begin building a richer profile of what that person may be interested in and serve up relevant content in the future to build a deeper relationship with that supporter.” Learn more about social sign-on.
  • Easily build and publish mobile versions of their websites and donation forms.
    We’re seeing more and more traffic come to our website via mobile devices. We’re also beginning to experiment with mobile advertising to drive donations, said Jesse Stremcha, ePhilanthropy Strategist at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. We’re excited to have access to the new features in BBNC 6.41 that will allow us to provide good, mobile experiences for our donors when they arrive on our site. Hear more about the new mobile sites feature.
  • View online success metrics through Raiser’s Edge dashboards and easily report on their goals with online revenue, email list growth, and web traffic.
    “Consistent reporting on metrics is one way nonprofits can make sure they are progressing towards their strategic goals,” said Allison Van Diest, Blackbaud Internet Solutions architect. “Without an integrated system, gaining a multi-channel view can be really tricky. With Blackbaud NetCommunity and The Raiser’s Edge, we’re able to provide dashboard reports at the click of a button so organizations can easily see their progress in multiple channels.” Learn more about dashboards.
  • Integrate with popular websites like YouTube, Discus, and Flickr.
    “Nonprofits can now easily make their websites more engaging by adding tools available from popular social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr,” said Clark. “The new Integration Gallery provides simple instructions for Blackbaud NetCommunity administrators to quickly add a number of plug-ins and gadgets to their websites from these popular social media sites.” Learn more about The Blackbaud Integration Gallery.
  • Access embedded “how-to” videos for brief tutorials on key tasks. View a sample video.

Learn more about the new version of Blackbaud NetCommunity at

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