New Wake Law in Effect for Lake Greenwood 

May 30, 2022

Greenwood County urges boaters to “Own Your Wake” 

As summertime approaches and Lake Greenwood is seeing the expected increase in boaters, swimmers and recreational users, Greenwood County wants to ensure that everyone enjoying Lake Greenwood is aware of the new law that relates to boat wakes. The new law, signed into effect on March 14, establishes a 100-ft limit when approaching a dock, person in the water or anchored vessel, doubling the previous distance of 50 feet. The new law also set a 200-foot limit for wake surfing near a dock, person in the water of an anchored watercraft. 

“This new law is one that is very much needed,” Greenwood County Council Vice Chairman Theo Lane, said. “We want everyone who spends time on Lake Greenwood to have a great time, but to do so in a manner that is safe and responsible. Increasing the wake limit helps protect both lives and property, and I believe that statewide enforcement of this new regulation will prevent damage, accidents and probably save lives.” 

Greenwood County is helping to get this information out to Lake Greenwood boaters through a social media campaign entitled “Own Your Wake.” This campaign will serve to educate boaters on the new law and urge them to understand the impact their wake has on other people and property. 

“I encourage all boaters to please pay attention to this new law,” Greenwood County Councilman Dayne Pruitt, said. “Increasing the wake limit will help ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment while spending time on one of our county’s most beautiful resources.” 

Lake Greenwood is one of 15 bodies of water affected by this new law. Other nearby reservoirs affected include Lake Hartwell, Lake Murray, Lake Russell, Lake Secession, Lake Thurmond and the portion of the Savannah River from the Interstate 20 Savannah River Bridge to the New Savannah River Bluff Lock and Dam.