Non Disclosure Apparel donates bras to Hollings Cancer Center as part of Pink For Pink campaign

December 9, 2020

Startup bra company Non Disclosure Apparel donated 45 bralettes to women undergoing breast cancer treatment at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Non Disclosure Apparel pledged to donate one hot pink bralette to MUSC for every hot pink bralette sold.

Becky Connelly (left), owner of Non Disclosure Apparel presents Abby Parks, Associate Director of Development and Director of Special Events, with 45 bras to be distributed to women undergoing breast cancer treatment at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center. The donations were the result of a Pink For Pink campaign Non Disclosure Apparel hosted during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Photo by Gately Williams

To celebrate the success of the Pink For Pink campaign, Non Disclosure Apparel founder Becky Connelly presented Abby Parks, associate director of development and director of special events, with 45 comfortable bralettes for cancer patients.

“I’ve heard from my customers undergoing radiation treatment about how comfortable this bra is” Connelly said. “After radiation, they tell me their skin feels sunburned and this was the only bra they were able to wear. The bralette is soft, stretchy and also seamless so it doesn’t have any wires or clasps that poke or cause pressure.”

Mount Pleasant resident Connelly began developing the bralette in 2014 after spending years searching for her dream bra: lightweight, no padding, no pre-molded cups or underwire, yet still concealing. When she couldn’t find the bra she wanted, she decided to make it herself and launched Non Disclosure Apparel in early 2020. The Elli Bralette is ideal for preteens, teens and small-breasted women.

Hollings Cancer Center is close to Connelly’s heart. Women in her family have been treated there and she’s been a part of fundraising efforts at Hollings for many years.

“These bralettes will be available to breast cancer patients on the Mammography floor at Hollings. I’m hoping they will alleviate some guesswork with regard to the ‘what bra to wear now’ situation,” she said. “These women have enough to deal with, I want this bralette to be a relief for them.”

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