Non Profit Minute – Ashley Cady, Columbia Opportunity Resource (COR)

November 16, 2020

The Who’s on the Move, Non Profit Minute is a quick, two-minute interview in support of the amazing impact that local non profits have on our communities.

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Ashley Cady, Vice Chair of Strategic Initiatives, Columbia Opportunity Resource (COR)

Any successful community works hard to attract, develop and retain talent. Fifteen years ago, an organization was founded in Columbia with a goal of connecting professionals in the area to diverse and meaningful networks through leadership development, community service and social opportunities. The name of the organization is Columbia Opportunity Resource, or COR, and it has been an important part of the transformation that has taken place in Columbia over the past decade.

This week, Columbia Opportunity Resource (COR) is celebrating its 15 year anniversary by unveiling new branding. They will also be giving an update on their recent initiatives, including refocused mission and vision statements.

You can follow COR on Instagram, @our.cor.

Below is a full audio version of our conversation with Ashley Cady. You can also find this interview on Apple and Spotify. Just search for the WhosOnTheMove SC podcast.