Non Profit Minute – David Platts, South Carolina Arts Commission

February 27, 2020

The Who’s on the Move, BizSC, Non Profit Minute is a quick, two-minute interview in support of the amazing impact that local non profits have on our communities.

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David Platts, Executive Director, South Carolina Arts Commission

The mission of the South Carolina Arts Commission is to develop a thriving arts environment in every county of the state. The arts are essential to quality of life, education, and economic vitality for all South Carolinians.

The Arts Commission’s primary source of funding is state tax dollars appropriated by the S.C. General Assembly. Grants from the federal government through the National Endowment for the Arts comprise the Commission’s secondary source of funding. Additional support for Arts Commission projects is provided by private foundations and community sponsors.

Their main programs to accomplish their mission are:

establish the arts as an integral part of South Carolina’s educational systems and the lifelong learning process of our citizens

Arts Development
encourage, nurture and support the artistic growth and the personal and economic well-being of South Carolina’s artists

Community Arts Development
stimulate the development of South Carolina’s culturally diverse arts resources and organizations and promote creative partnerships to improve the quality of lives, preserve cultural heritage, and enhance economic growth.

In late 2019 and early 2020, the Arts Commission is conducting the Canvass of the People in public and private forums as well as through an anonymous online survey to gather South Carolinians’ impressions of the successes and challenges for the arts and culture scene in the state.

Updated listings and the link to take the anonymous survey can be found at The SCAC is planning for the Canvass of the People to finish in March so work on the Long Range Plan for the Arts in South Carolina may begin. An estimated release of the plan is fall 2020.