Non Profit Minute – Erin Ulmer, Camp Rise Above

April 13, 2021

The Who’s on the Move, Non Profit Minute is a quick, two-minute interview in support of the amazing impact that local non profits have on our communities.

We would like to thank our sponsors of this video series:

Erin Ulmer, Executive Director, Camp Rise Above

Camp Rise Above provides fun, life changing camp experiences to children with serious illnesses, life challenges, and disabilities. They believe all children deserve to experience the magic of childhood, regardless of their medical status.

Camp Rise Above was founded in 2008 by Barbara Van Thullenar who adopted her “impossible dream” of building and operating a Charleston area camp to serve the more than 58,000 children in South Carolina with special medical needs. Camp Rise Above has been operating ever since, offering high quality camp programs to hundreds of children each year.

Since 2011, Camp Rise Above has offered day camps at children’s hospitals around South Carolina. Since 2013, they have also offered two-day summer camp experiences .

All of their programs are provided free of charge.