Non Profit Minute – Tonya Camunas and Emily Harper, A Child’s Haven

December 2, 2021

The Who’s on the Move, Non Profit Minute is an interview in support of the amazing impact that local non profits have on our communities.

We would like to thank our sponsors of this video series:

Tonya Camunas, Executive Director and Emily Harper, Development and Marketing Manager, A Child’s Haven

A Child’s Haven treats children with developmental delays as a result of limited resources, abuse, or neglect, and provides support and education for both the child and their families. With their three core services, Therapeutic Child Care, Individual Therapy and Family Therapy & Home Visitation, A Child’s Haven provides the nurturing, education and support children require to succeed.

For 29 years, the team of highly trained behavioral health professionals has helped struggling preschool children in the Greenville area acquire skills necessary to be successful in school and beyond. Most children and families benefiting from our services have been expelled from mainstream child care settings, have limited resources, and demonstrate clinical need for behavioral health treatment services.

The 2020 launch of their Extended Day Program allows children to remain in the familiar, safe surroundings of our treatment center for even longer. Since the inception of our program in 2011, over 7,000 caregivers and children have been enrolled in our program, 70% of which were living below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level.