Non-Profits Surviving Economic Downturn

October 19, 2009

Giving USA reports that, adjusted for inflation, total giving was down 5.7 percent, the largest drop recorded since the group has been keeping track of America’s charitable donations. Giving USA 

CHARLESTON, SC – October 20, 2009 – With donation significantly down and a projected several year turnaround, it is more important than ever for charities to be cautious and strategic in their use of resources.  The worse the economy gets, the more vital it becomes to automate tasks and use the most effective processes so you’re not wasting any precious resources.  Arnaldo Sehwerert, from Mid-Hudson SBDC stated it best when he said the tendency seems to be to think about reducing the payroll ASAP but that will do little good to the survival of the company… if management fails to utilize all resources effectively.

With jobs being lost and companies closing their doors, Arnaldo validates the necessity for nonprofits to use their time, staff, and money in the most efficient manner.   Automate tasks, create efficient workflows, decrease your costs, and sustain your organization strategically.

O-Matic Software offers nonprofits a resolution to these challenges.  O-Matic Software in coordination with Blackbaud software, provides nonprofits with tools to eliminate tedious, inefficient, and manual processes, while creating automated and efficient workflows.  O-Matic Software prides itself on focusing solely on nonprofits to aid them in their strategic decisions to create an effective and efficient organization.

The Institute for Philanthropy sums it up in their article Giving in the Recession when they exclaimed with fewer resources to go around, it is vital that those that are available be used effectively and strategically.

O-Matic Software

O-Matic Software provides non-profits with tools to eliminate tedious, inefficient, and manual processes to create automated and efficient workflows.   Founded in 2002, O-Matic Software has been a Blackbaud Partner since 2004.

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