Palmetto AgriBusiness Council contributes to agribusiness education and leadership

April 8, 2021

The Palmetto AgriBusiness Council (PABC) recently announced contributions to eight different agribusiness educational and leadership programs which promote agriculture and forestry in South Carolina.

As part of PABC’s commitment to sustain the economic viability of South Carolina’s largest industry – agribusiness, which contributes $46.2 billion to the state’s economy and provides 246,000 jobs, programs were selected that focus on education and leadership development for those individuals who are the future of the industry.

“Agriculture is a constantly changing industry,” said Harry Ott, Chairman of the PABC Board and President & CEO of SC Farm Bureau. “It is important that those of us who are currently in this industry support and cultivate the next generation of agricultural leaders who will continue to feed, clothe, and shelter this country and the world.”

The following entities were recipients of the awards:

  • Clemson University College of Agriculture, Forestry & Life Sciences (CAFLS) – $1,500 in funding to Clemson MANRRS, which is presently focused on diversity and inclusion issues with CAFLS students.
  • SC State University 1890 Program- $1,500 in funding to contribute to the SCSU 1890 Foundation to cover costs for students to participate in various programs.
  • The Governor’s School for Agriculture at John de la Howe – $1,000 in funding to be used to cover cost of students participating in FFA and 4-H programs and meetings.
  • Palmetto Leadership for the Environment, Agriculture and Forestry (PLEAF) – $1,000 in funding to assist with operating costs of this leadership program for existing and future agribusiness leaders.
  • SC Ag in the Classroom- $1,000 in funding for the general operating costs of this agricultural education program for South Carolina teachers.
  • SC State Forestry Teachers Tour – $1,000 in funding to offset costs associated with the expenses of an annual Forestry Teachers Tour in South Carolina.
  • SC State FFA Foundation- $1,000 in funding to offset meeting costs.
  • SC State 4-H – $1,000 to fund a specific award/scholarship within the state 4-H.

PABC CEO Ronnie Summers commented, “We are excited to provide this support as an investment in the agribusiness leaders of the future. By preparing them for success, we make sure our industry continues its critical task of providing the world with food for nourishment; fiber for clothes, shelter and packaging; and much more.”