Pavement work begins on 15 city streets

September 25, 2023

A total of $5 million worth of road resurfacing projects will get underway this week on 15 city streets.

Funded by the Neighborhood Infrastructure Bond (NIB), 12 streets will be completely repaved, using the innovative and cost effective hot-in-place road recycling method. City engineers also will pilot a new program to patch and then micro-surface three streets, to extend their overall life and dramatically reduce life-cycle costs.

The Hot-in-Place Recycling process includes full depth repairs, recycling and rejuvenation of the top inch of asphalt, and the placement of a new additional inch to the top of the structure of the pavement. The structural benefits are similar to a traditional repaving plan, while costing 20-30% less and being a significantly more sustainable.

Targeted streets include:

  • Arlington Avenue, from St. Francis Drive to Anderson Street
  • Birnie Street
  • East Camperdown Way, from the bridge over US-29 to Hope Street
  • McCall Street
  • North Leach Street
  • North Textile Avenue
  • South Textile Avenue
  • Queen Street
  • Otis Street
  • Scarlet Street
  • Sunset Drive
  • White Oak Drive

The City’s $1 million pilot micro-surfacing project also begins this week. This preservation technique adds to the life of pavement. Working with contacts at the state materials lab in Columbia, City engineers have enhanced the standard technique to increase the overall thickness of the road treatment. The target streets will be the entire lengths of Innovation Drive, Millennium Boulevard and Warner Street – all scheduled for work in October.

Outside of select streets, most of the work will be completed during the day and use standard lane closures. There will be no road closures or detours. Work will continue through October.