PC Announces Endowed Jack and Jane Presseau Chaplain Position

October 25, 2021

During inauguration week, many announcements regarding new initiatives were made.

Among them was an announcement that an anonymous gift, one of the largest in PC history, honors Jane Presseau and the Rev. Dr. Jack Presseau, the founder of the College’s Christian education program and Student Volunteer Services. The newly-endowed Jack and Jane Presseau Associate Chaplain position will be held by the Rev. Racquel Gill, currently assistant chaplain for multicultural community engagement.

Since its creation in the early-1960s by Dr. Presseau , Student Volunteer Services (SVS) has been regarded as one of the signature programs at Presbyterian College. SVS is a student-run organization that provides a variety of service opportunities. SVS allows students to get involved not only on PC’s campus but also in the Clinton community and raises awareness and support for nation-wide organizations, by offering nearly 20 different programs, including those relating to youth, the elderly, churches, and social issues.

In response to this act of kindness, vandenBerg announced, the Presseaus created an endowed fund to provide for SVS in perpetuity.

Pictured: Dr. Jack Presseau, Cara Presseau, Jane Presseau, Dr. Suzie Smith, Dr. Wayne Smith