PC Internship Program Benefits Students and Local Businesses

November 18, 2020

PC students have interned throughout Laurens County for many years, but this has increased significantly in the past 10 years. Many local businesses have filled part-time employment needs with aspiring students.

Each semester, interns work for area nonprofits and various businesses and the interest among students is growing with more seeking internships off campus and in a business setting.

Interns may be face-to-face, or work remotely (on campus), depending on the needs of the organization. If face-to-face, they will be required to wear masks and follow safety protocols to slow the spread of coronavirus or other infections.

So how does the internship program work?

The minimum time commitment is 42 hours, which is 3 hours per week for 14 weeks.

Areas of high interest for students include:

    • healthcare (pre-med, pre-PA, pharmacy, PT/OT, etc.)
    • counseling and social work
    • sales (especially outside sales, medical sales)
    • marketing
    • accounting
    • media studies
    • chemistry (quality assurance, lab work, etc.)
    • biology (botany, wildlife management, nutrition, etc.)
    • physics (pre-engineering, manufacturing projects of 5-10 hours per week up to 20 hours per week in some cases)
    • communication
    • public health/healthcare administration
    • politics and government
    • nonprofit management
    • human resources

Paid internships are preferred, and research demonstrates that paid interns are better supervised, and also provide better work than those who are volunteers.

Do you have a need or position that might provide some practical work experience for a PC student?

Anyone who wants to accept candidates for internships or post an opportunity (even if it’s a part-time job that isn’t really an internship), may send their contact information and a short description of the position to [email protected].

Those who seek local students for full-time December and January (through Jan 22) work, should submit information as soon as possible. For Spring 2021 interns, submit your job description and needs by December 1st as many students are currently searching. For summer 2021, submit by March 1st.

For more information on the PC internship program please contact Lynn Downie,
Associate Director, Career & Professional Development, 864-833-8381.