PCT LTD conveys current status of OTC QB uplisting efforts

May 4, 2021

LITTLE RIVER, SC – PCT LTD reports that its application to have its common stock quoted on OTC Markets, “QB” level, has been declined due to OTC’s requirements for PCTL to complete all prior settlement agreement terms and clear all other potentially dilutive (“toxic”) debt.

The Company’s CEO, Gary Grieco, commented, “We learned OTC Markets declined to accept our application for quotation on its QB tier for ‘various reasons,’ primarily having to do with prior convertible debt and the incremental settlement of such.” Grieco further commented, “We managed to bring the Company out of the throes of some difficult debt and we will continue to replace that type of debt with our growing revenues from licensing, fluids sales, equipment sales and other financial resources, such as RB Capital.”

PCT LTD intends to continue as a current and reporting OCT Pink company as it prepares for a September 2021 re-application for the OTC:QB quotation.



About PCT LTD:

PCT LTD (“PCTL”) focuses its business on acquiring, developing and providing sustainable, environmentally safe disinfecting, cleaning and tracking technologies. The company acquires and holds rights to innovative products and technologies, which are commercialized through its wholly-owned operating subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp). The Company established entry into its target markets with commercially viable products in the United States and now continues to gain market share in the U.S. and U.K.