Pelion Middle teachers named National Geographic ambassadors

May 18, 2018

Pelion Middle’s Laura D. Beckham and Brandy V. Wood have not only empowered their students to use geography to solve problems, but they will also train other educators in the ways of geo-inquiry.

After attending the National Geographic Society Geo-Inquiry Institute last June, Beckham and Wood became ambassadors for the program that challenges students and teachers to view the world through a geographic lens.

The Pelion duo will lead the South Carolina Geo-Inquiry Institute at the University of South Carolina in June 2018, in partnership with the South Carolina Geographic Alliance. They will train 10 teams of middle-level educators, who will take the geo-inquiry process back to their classrooms this fall.

With the geo-inquiry perspective, teachers and students can see patterns and make connections in order to make informed predictions and well-reasoned decisions and, ultimately, take action. Students also develop the attitude and skills of an explorer ready to make a difference in their communities.