Prisma Health Laurens County Hospital Reaches Capacity – SC National Guard Called In

January 6, 2021

COVID-19 is still here, and the impact is being felt in Laurens County.

In a recorded video posted to Facebook on Wednesday evening, Laurens Mayor Nathan Senn, delivered the message that “right now, all Prisma Health hospitals in the Upstate are at capacity, including Laurens Hospital.”

In the recorded message, the Mayor conveyed the following:

  • The third floor of our hospital has been converted to a surge area for COVID patients from our area and other Prisma facilities across the Upstate. This will provide approximately 29 additional beds
  • Extra stretchers have been ordered, and hospital officials are exploring other facilities which might be used to house patients
  • The critical care unit is full and overflowing, and critical care patients are having to be placed in alternate sites as they are available
  • The National Guard has been brought in to provide medics who are able to help support what is becoming a field medicine scenario
  • In addition, community family medicine doctors and nurses are being called up to help treat the sick.

“We are now or will very soon be at the point where hospital physicians will have to prioritize patients and determine who receives treatment and who does not, said Mayor Senn. “I will pass along to you the urgency of this situation exactly as it was communicated to me: people will have delayed care because of the overwhelming situation which could have devastating consequences to your neighbors and to you. “

For the full message from Mayor Senn click here.