Prodigy Cabinetry establishing operations in Greenville County

$2.5 Million Investment Will Create 80 New Jobs

Prodigy Cabinetry, a manufacturer of European-styled cabinetry, announced new operations in Greenville County. The company’s $2.5 million investment will create 80 new jobs.

Prodigy Cabinetry is a new cabinet manufacturer that utilizes online tools and state-of-the-art woodworking equipment to provide seamless solutions to cabinetry retailers that design kitchens and bathrooms.

“Prodigy Cabinetry is excited to be opening a state-of-the-art integrated cabinetry manufacturing plant in Greenville, S.C. Greenville’s commitment to supporting manufacturers, its talented labor pool and historical role in woodworking convinced us this is the right place for our company. We are honored to join the many successful manufacturers in Greenville County, and look forward to being a positive economic addition to the community,” said Prodigy Cabinetry CEO Tod Shuttleworth.

Located at 2723 White Horse Road, Suite C in Greenville, Prodigy Cabinetry’s new office will also serve as the company’s headquarters in South Carolina.

“Operations are online, and hiring is underway. Individuals interested in joining the Prodigy Cabinetry team should visit the readySC™ job site at