Proven Energy Introduces Five Year Warranty

February 10, 2009

East Killbride, Scotland – February 10, 2009 – Proven Energy, a global supplier of robust small wind turbines, has announced an upgrade to its warranty program. A new “Five Year Universal Warranty” will replace the previous two year warranty.

Proven Energy’s warranty upgrade reflects the industry standards expected in the US which is also recognised internationally, instilling further confidence in our turbines. Renowned for reliable, quality products, Proven Energy’s new 5 year warranty will benefit customers, resellers and installers worldwide.

This five year universal warranty applies only to those products designed and manufactured by Proven or its sub-contractors acting under its control and supplied by Proven or its authorised re-sellers. The installation of our wind turbines need to be conducted by an accredited reseller or installer, which will ensure a consistent level of safety and service.

Proven Energy has 3 wind turbine models available, 2.5kW, 6kW & 15kW all suitable for domestic, agricultural or corporate applications. Our unique technology is the result of 28 years of innovative research and development.  Renowned for quality and durability Proven Energy wind turbines generate electricity from the extreme cold of Antarctica to the heat of the Saudi Arabian desert.

About Proven Energy 

Proven Energy is the world’s leading supplier of small scale wind turbines. Its high performance turbine design is the result of almost thirty years of inspiration, innovation and development.  Proven Energy is based in the west of Scotland (U.K.), with representatives based worldwide, including theUnited States andIndia. 

Proven Energy has over 28 years expertise in the renewable energy sector and will always be delighted to comment on issues relating to small scale wind. A vast database of images of wind turbines in action can be found at


For more information please contact:

Samantha Sinclair
Marketing Executive
Proven Energy

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