Provost Academy Becomes South Carolina's Newest Eco-Friendly High School

June 17, 2009

COLUMBIA, SC – June 17, 2009 – Provost Academy South Carolina (PASC) recently reached the half-way enrollment milestone with 500 students, marking the academy’s continued growth as many students and parents choose an online educational experience. An added and often unseen benefit of the shift to online education has been the reduction in natural resources that are heavily utilized in traditional schools.

As a completely online public high school, Provost Academy ushers in the latest trend of green schools that leave a very small carbon footprint due to a nearly complete elimination of traditional school staples such as paper waste, school transportation and energy costs.

Communication between teachers, students and parents can be conducted completely online, as well as the administration of tests, homework and daily lessons, said Dr. Darrell Johnson, Executive Director of Provost Academy said. We also have a reduced dependency on transportation as conferences can be conducted in an online format and teachers, all of whom are accredited in South Carolina, work from off-site locations.

In order to provide a completely online education experience, Provost Academy provides its students with a free computer as well as a monthly Internet stipend. Furthermore, the online experience is tailored to meet individual student needs so that each student may learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

When you consider the sheer amount of paper used within a high school during a typical day, coupled with the cost of transporting the faculty and students, preparing the lunches, disposing of waste and keeping the school heated, cooled and lighted, the costs are monumental, Dr. Johnson said. If you take those numbers and stretch them throughout the course of a normal school year, you’ve gone through quite a lot of natural resources.

Depending on the level of online interaction a student and/or parent requests, One of the only sheets of paper a student may receive from the Provost Academy may be the high school diploma they earn at the completion of their studies, Dr. Johnson said.

Provost Academy is currently enrolling students for the upcoming school year. Parents and students seeking more information about PASC, how to enroll, or when Community Outreach Directors will be in their area should visit the Web site:, or call: 877-919-PASC (7272) toll free.

Provost Academy South Carolina is an Online Public High School serving grades 9 to 12. PASC is uniquely designed to offer a challenging and flexible education option for students who want or need something different from traditional high schools. PASC is the only Online High School in South Carolina backed by EdisonLearning, the nation’s largest partner to public school districts and communities, with nearly 20 years of proven experience driving academic results in the K-12 classroom.