RealOp Investments selects Pereview as its new asset management solution

June 26, 2020

Commercial real estate and private equity investment firm RealOp Investments has chosen Pereview Software by Saxony Partners to support its growing portfolio.

With more than 50 assets and 340 tenants in five states, RealOp Investments is one of the fastest-growing real estate investment companies in the Southeast. Its mission is to offer a different model for investors looking to expand their real estate portfolios, said Paul Sparks, Executive Chairman of RealOp Investments.

“One of the biggest challenges for any growing company is gathering and organizing data from various operating and database systems in an efficient manner,” Sparks said. “Pereview streamlines the process and provides access to our investment data and risk metrics in real-time.”

Sparks said speed and accuracy are what helps differentiate the Pereview platform, and why RealOp decided to implement it. “It gives us a centralized repository of all of our data with a strong data analytics platform to make data-driven decisions across the board and drive value for investors,” he said.

Pereview is the only all-in-one asset management platform that manages all of a client’s data across the entire asset lifecycle. By aggregating, integrating, and interpreting internal and external disparate data into a single source of truth, Pereview provides actionable insights while delivering unparalleled reporting and analytics capabilities.

Bo Hamrick, Business Development Executive for Pereview, said they will integrate the Pereview platform with RealOp’s accounting and investment management solution as well as connect to RealOp’s valuation and underwriting Excel models to capture all data in their ecosystem.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with such a strong team of real estate visionaries that embrace the value of data and how they can continue growing their business with it,” he said. “Having all of their data in one place will allow the RealOp transactions team, asset management team, accounting teams and senior leadership to make strategic business decisions based on clean and accurate data through the entire life of the asset.”


About RealOp Investments

RealOp Investments is a commercial real estate investment company specializing in value-add and opportunistic acquisitions. With deep roots in the Southeast, our investment strategy spans all commercial asset classes and is based on a relationship-driven pursuit of value; not only in identifying off market opportunities, but in creating value through innovative capitalization structures, management expertise and the execution of unique strategies tailored to each asset. The firm was named the 2019 Greenville Chamber Small Business of the Year and one of the Top 25 Fastest Growing Companies in the state of South Carolina for 2018 and 2019. Learn more at

About Pereview Software

Pereview Software is the fastest growing provider of asset management software and portfolio analytics to the global real estate industry. Preferred by LPs, GPs, REITs, Owners and Managers, and agnostic to OP platforms, Pereview is built by real estate professionals for real estate professionals. By aggregating, integrating and interpreting your internal and external disparate data into the industry’s only all-in-one platform, Pereview provides actionable insights into every step of the investment lifecycle. Drive NOI, break down silos and make stronger, more accurate decisions based on your clean-governed data. Fully scalable for real estate portfolios from $100 million to $100 billion+ in AUM. Use from out-of-the-box or customize dashboards, views and reports to your individual requirements. Reduce reporting time upwards of 90 percent. Increase investor and stakeholder confidence and outraise your next fund. For more, visit, follow the company on LinkedIn, or call (704) 621-0821.