Reigning champs Storm The Citadel again

February 28, 2012

CHARLESTON, SC – February 28, 2012 – The Citadel cadet Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers captured the Spartan helmet trophy for the second time at the 2012 edition of the Storm The Citadel! Trebuchet Competition Feb. 18.
Coming in second place was Westview Middle School in Berkeley County followed by Charleston School for Math & Science in third place. 

This year’s competition was open to Lowcountry elementary and middle schools as well as high schools and local corporations and organizations. Eight elementary schools, seven middle schools, 15 area high schools, two teams from The Citadel and two Lowcountry businesses took part in the second annual competition. Co-hosted by Google and The Citadel, the competition reinforces the importance of science, technology and mathematics education. Teams had to build a trebuchet, which is a type of catapult, capable of accurately tossing a ball between 50 and 200 feet at a target. Points were awarded and winners selected based on accuracy, design and team spirit. Teams dressed in costumes ranging from science nerds and scientists to medieval knights and warriors.

The Citadel and Google are among the Lowcountry’s leaders in providing opportunities and initiatives to support science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs in the schools. The trebuchet contest was designed to get students excited about science and technology and to encourage them to have fun while learning.

“This year’s event brought record numbers of competitors and a marked increase in engineering craftsmanship. I was really impressed with the effort of all the school teams,” said Carolyn Kelley, director of The Citadel STEM Center of Excellence. “The success of this year’s Storm the Citadel event would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship from Google and its commitment to improving STEM literacy in our region. “


Pictured: Contestants from Faith Christian School

Overall Winners
1—Citadel ASCE
2 —Westview Middle School
3 —Charleston School for Math & Science

Centurion Division High School
1 —Charleston School for Math & Science
2 —Wando High School
3 —Charleston County School of the Arts
1 —York Comprehensive High School
2 —Berkeley High School
3 — Wando High School
1—West Ashley High School
2— Wando High School
3—Charleston County School of the Arts 

Centurion Division
Middle School
1 —Westview Middle School
2 —DuBose Middle School
3 —Sangaree Middle Schoo
1—DuBose Middle School
1 — College Park Middle School
2 —Westview Middle School
3 —DuBose Middle School

Centurion Division
1— Citadel ASCE
3— Citadel Air Force ROTC
1—Citadel AFROTC Detachment
2— Citadel ASCE

Hoplite Division
Elementary schools
1—Boulder Bluff Elementary School
2—Fort Dorchester Elementary School
3— Faith Christian School
1—Faith Christian School
2—Fort Dorchester Elementary School
3—Oakbrook Elementary School