Richland Library partners with Richland Soil and Water Conservation District to bring Seed Sanctuary to Eastover

February 23, 2022

Eastover Residents can Access Free Seeds at Richland Library Eastover

Richland Library Eastover (608 Main St., Eastover) welcomes a Seed Sanctuary in partnership with the Richland Soil and Water Conservation District’s (RSWCD’s) Seed Sanctuary. Thanks to the budding partnership, residents can spring into gardening at home and in their community starting March 1.

RSWCD’s Seed Sanctuary housed at Richland Library Eastover will allow each household to take home four packets of seeds per visit. The increased access to a free seed supply will allow residents in the Eastover community to continue learning and growing in their gardens and sharing their love for cultivating new and exciting things with their families.

For a list of available seed varieties at Richland Library Eastover and recommended planting dates, visit

The seed giveaway is made possible by a partnership between the Richland Soil and Water Conservation District’s (RSWCD) Seed Sanctuary and Richland Library, with some funding provided by a $5,000 Environmental Education and Stewardship Grant from Dominion.

For questions or more information about Richland Library, please contact, Anika Thomas at 803-530-4621 or [email protected].


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