Richland Library welcomes Birds of Ballentine

March 28, 2022

Richland Library is protecting local birds in partnership with Richland County Conservation Commission and the South Carolina Wildlife Federation. 

Richland Library welcomes Birds of Ballentine, public art with a unique purpose, to the Ballentine location at 1200 Dutch Fork Rd, 29063.

The project aims to prevent birds from flying into the windows, a common, yet unfortunate issue. Over 1 billion birds perish annually due to collisions with man-made structures. The installation of CollidEscape treatments makes windows visible to birds by reducing the transparency of the glass and interrupting the reflection of the natural habitat which prevents window strikes that can result in death.

Birds of Ballentine, designed by local artist Nell Warthen, helps to spread awareness and also helps keep birds, both local and visiting, in Richland County safe. Richland Library customers can join Richland Library Ballentine on April 12 from 2-5 p.m. for an Earth Day Celebration to view Birds of Ballentine and learn more about local birds. Visitors will also be able to borrow from the new seed library and enjoy a guided tour of the new Nature Walk.

Birds of Ballentine is made possible by grant funding from the Richland County Conservation Commission and was advocated for by the South Carolina Wildlife Federation. In partnership, these organizations are actively working to be better stewards of the environment.

For questions, please contact Anika Thomas at 803-530-4621 or [email protected].


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