Richland Library’s Executive Director elected to lead Public Library Association

The Public Library Association (PLA) is sharing the results of its 2020 Election and welcoming Richland Library Executive Director Melanie Huggins as the 2021-2022 president.

Huggins is serving a three-year term, which begins in June 2020. The office includes one-year stints as president-elect (2020-2021), president (2021-2022), and immediate past-president (2022-2023).

“I’m honored to serve on the PLA board as president-elect,” said Huggins. ” I know that I’m joining a group of talented and committed professionals.”

Huggins has been with Richland Library since 2009, overseeing a $59 million bond referendum to enhance 11 existing library facilities as well as the addition of two new library locations. Under her leadership, the library’s vision has been to enhance the quality of life for the entire community.

“Public libraries are more important in times of crisis than most realize, and we’ll be fundamental to the recovery of our communities,” said Huggins. “I’m proud to join the strong and steady leadership at PLA, and I will work to ensure our 10,000 members have the support and voice they deserve.”

Founded in 1944, PLA is the largest association dedicated to supporting the unique and evolving needs of public library professionals. Read more here:


About Richland Library

Awarded the National Medal in 2017 by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Richland Library is a vibrant, contemporary organization that provides resources and information that advance the Midlands. Offering state-of-the-art technology, a variety of literary and cultural programs and 13 bustling facilities located throughout the county, Richland Library provides a truly customizable, modern library experience for residents and visitors alike.