Ridge Media, LLC Lends Hand to Historic Free Medical Clinic in Laurens County

October 19, 2020

Ridge Media, LLC lends a hand to a historic non-profit free medical clinic. The Good Shepherd Free Medical Clinic of Laurens County serves the “working poor” in Laurens County, says clinic director, Gretchen Smith. “I called Ridge Media to update our logo because I knew they would honor the 25-year history of the clinic and it’s former logo while modernizing the look,” said Smith.

When Smith reached out, the folks at Ridge Media did not hesitate and went to work creating the new design for the clinic’s logo. Brand design is something that comes at a cost, however, Ridge Media knew of the great and charitable work that The Good Shepherd provided, so they offered their services to create a new logo as well as some other marketing materials at no charge.

The Greenville-based Digital Marketing Firm was founded in 2014 by Kenneth Ridgell. Ridge Media is an all-in-one digital marketing firm that works with companies to help them promote their brand by interpreting and translating data in order to strategically increase media mentions and grow brand recognition. The team at Ridge Media is dynamic and wants to help their clients grow, no matter if they are a new, smaller local business or a larger, well-established company. A win for the small company is just as big of a deal for Ridge as it is with the larger companies.

About The Good Shepherd Free Medical Clinic of Laurens County

The Good Shepherd Free Medical Clinic provides medical care at no cost to the low-income, uninsured citizens of Laurens County and is the only free medical clinic in Laurens County. Their office is open 3 days a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If you would like more information on the clinic, contact Gretchen Smith, clinic director, at (864) 833-0017.