Sadler Hughes Apothecary Announces Winner of Notable Non-Profit Community Vote

December 21, 2022

Sadler Hughes Apothecary “Notable Non-Profit” community voting has closed and the votes have been tallied.

This year, the Laurens County Humane Society received the most votes, and as such, they will receive a donation from the pharmacy.

“They are answering a wonderful calling and the customers and staff of Sadlers are happy to support them in their work,” said Walter Hughes III.  “We also made a donation to Lauren’s County Animal Control for their work in the community.  They have a difficult mission and we want to show support for what they do in the community.”

To decide the amount of the donation to the Laurens County Humane Society, Sadlers has a young customer blindly pick a working date in December and then a percentage of the selected day’s proceeds are awarded.

“This is what I appreciate about this community. We are very fortunate to have the support of our customers and to be able to give back to one of many great non-profits in Laurens County,” said Hughes.

Members of the Laurens County Animal Control Receive donation from Sadlers.