Santee Cooper launches new Empower SmartRewards Demand Response Program

January 26, 2022

Santee Cooper has launched its new Empower Demand Response Program that rewards customers for taking an active role in helping to manage periods of high demand on the electric system.

With this new program, called SmartRewards, customers can earn bill credits for helping Santee Cooper reduce electricity use during periods of high electric demand or during times when system resources are constrained.

“Reducing electric demand is a powerful way to help keep costs low and maintain our record of exceptional reliability,” said Mike Poston, Santee Cooper’s Chief Customer Officer. “We appreciate our customers’ continued support of our EmpowerSC programs and are pleased to reward customers who participate in our latest addition – SmartRewards.”

Santee Cooper has contracted with Honeywell to install a small switching device near participants’ central heating and cooling systems and/or electric water heaters. During periods of high demand or system constraints, the switch may be activated to periodically cycle heating and cooling systems and/or electric water heaters on and off, resulting in a reduction of electric demand.

Customers who participate in the program will earn initial bill credits for enrolling and having a switch installed, and then annually for as long as they participate. Participation options include the following:

  • Water heater: $20 installation bill credit and $15 annual bill credit
  • Heating and cooling system: $30 installation bill credit and $25 annual bill credit.
  • Heating and cooling system and electric water heater: $50 installation bill credit and $50 annual bill credit.

Customers who are interested can call 833-493-1038 or visit for more information or to sign up. To learn more about what electric demand is and why it matters, click here.

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