Sawmill Tactical Training Complex Partners with National Organization to Provide LCSO with Tactical Response Gear

October 27, 2021

One of Laurens County’s best kept secrets, the Sawmill Tactical Training Facility, is stepping up to provide funding for the Laurens County Sheriff’s office to acquire customized med kits and advanced equipment.

Aaron Negherbon, Cops Direct and Steve Brown, Sawmill Tactical Training Complex

The Sawmill which is located on Neely Ferry Road was established to provide training and a state-of-the-art venues for local, county and national law enforcement personnel and military special operations warriors.  Some of the clients who have frequented the facility include SWAT teams from various South Carolina counties and other states, foreign Special Operations units like Denmark, and Italy, and some of our nations most elite units to include the Famed Delta Force and SEAL Team 6.  There are times the Sawmill Training Complex hosts elements from some of our other national agencies and often these elements prefer to train in a place that is remote to ensure their presence goes unnoticed for security reasons.

Recently, the Sawmill was the site of an event hosted by the founder of Cops Direct and Troops Direct.  During the event, Sawmill owner, Steve Brown discussed with them, the need for additional medical kits for the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office.

Because Cops Direct supports departments nationwide they immediately jumped into action in partnership with the Sawmill and Tactical Medical Solutions (TacMed) in Anderson to start amassing a list of what these deputies need. Some of the gear they will get will be mass casualty kits for vehicles and individual officer medical kits.

“If Cops Direct can equip a law enforcement officer with the tools that they need to save a life, perhaps their own, and enable that individual to return home safe and sound to their family then we have done our job and will continue to do so until our heroes in blue need us no more, said Aaron Negherbon, founder of Cops Direct.

The medical kits these officers will be issued include the Patrol Officer Trauma Response Kit and the Active Shooter Response Kit.

Active shooter response kit

Everything that Cops Direct supplies is custom built to the specs provided by the agency they are supporting.  The common thread is that the equipment will enable a law enforcement officer to render aid to themselves, a fellow officer, or civilians during a traumatic incident when lives are on the line.  Tourniquets, stretchers, compression bandages are often coupled with more advanced equipment to provide an all-in-one unit that our officers can use regardless of the specific circumstances.

Recently, Steve Brown with Chief Deputy Chris Martin visited TacMed Solutions to start the process of ordering the custom medical kits for the Laurens County Sheriff’s office.

“I am so proud of the daily efforts of our Sheriff’s office and our county first responders,” said Steve Brown, owner of the Sawmill. “We are honored to partner with Cops Direct together to provide valuable technology and capability to these everyday heroes.”

The total cost to purchase the medical kits and other equipment is not finalized but estimated to be in excess $30,000.

Cops Direct has supported countless departments in over 30 states coast to coast. To learn more about them click here.

Patrol Officer Trauma Response Kit

The Sawmill Tactical Training Complex is not open to memberships, but they do allow the public to come out and use the facility on certain days each month.  The Sawmill is a place average citizens can go to learn the skills they need to safely handle their firearms and learn other skills that allow them to become more resilient like wilderness survival; land navigation; full spectrum medical training from basic first aid to Tactical Emergency Casualty Care; Active Shooter training for schools, churches, corporations, and government facilities; ropes, climbing and rescue operations; as well as corporate off sites and leadership development opportunities.

The Sawmill is also a great location to host special events, competitions, and non-profit organization fund raising events.   In 2021 the Sawmill has hosted over 10,000 people from outside of our community who have visited our towns and local points of interest in Laurens County. Individuals can enroll in our open enrollment courses.

To learn more about the Sawmill and the courses they offer click here.



Aerial view of the Sawmill Tactical Training Complex