SC Company, Team Candy Suckers, Launches 1st CLC licensed lollipop

March 31, 2011

Entrepreneurs Find A Sweet Spot In The Collegiate Promotional Goods Market

CHARLESTON, SC – March 31 2011Founders Mark Lenhart and Mandy Von See are pleased to announce the launch of a sweet new enterprise, Team Candy Suckers, the first and only CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) molded university and college mascot lollipops.  As unique as the schools they represent, every sucker mold is hand-chiseled and each sucker hand-poured to create an exact replica of the college or university’s logo or mascot.  To date, the line of spirited suckers includes: the South Carolina Gamecock Sucker, Citadel Bulldog Bone Sucker, Clemson Tiger Paw Sucker, Tennessee Smokey Top Sucker, Florida Gator Chomp Sucker, Arkansas Pig Sooie Sucker, Georgia Bulldog Bone Sucker, Auburn War Eagle Sucker, Kentucky Big Blue Sucker, LSU Tiger Sucker and South Carolina Cocky Pop. 

Team Candy Suckers is the sweet invention of Mark Lenhart, a general contractor and avid booster of college athletics and Mandy Von See, a career candy maker and mother of two.  “Team Candy Suckers evolved after a night of cocktails and conversation. My passion for sports and Mandy’s for sweets made us the perfect pair to create a handcrafted confection to celebrate college sports,” explains Lenhart.  “When we approached the CLC, we knew we had a great idea.  What we didn’t know is that we have virtually no competition. It’s an understatement to say that we were both shocked and thrilled when the CLC granted their approval and trademark hologram. It’s an honor to have a product licensed by the oldest and largest collegiate licensing agency in the U.S.,” adds Von See.

For market research, Von See spent college game days wheeling an AstroTurf-covered and sucker-stocked cart through a sea of tailgating fans.  Lenhart worked the phones like a seasoned sports recruiter and leveraged college connections for support.  Within one week, the dynamic pair fielded calls from the marketing departments of University of Florida, Louisiana State University and Texas Christian University requesting that they produce their teams’ branded lollipop.  “We knew we had found an untapped market” says Von See.   Team Candy Suckers’ goal for the upcoming year – to have all ACC and SEC schools on board.

All suckers are produced in the USA at family-owned and operated candy company.  Team Candy Suckers can be purchased online at and at select retailers and concession stands.  A portion of profits from the sucker sales are donated back to the colleges and universities they represent.

Team Candy Suckers

With Team Candy Suckers, victory has never tasted so sweet.  Founded in 2010, Team Candy Suckers produces handcrafted confections to commemorate college fans’ favorite teams.  The only CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) licensed molded mascot lollipop, each sucker is hand-poured and made in the USA.   A portion of all profits from the sale of these spirited suckers are donated back to the colleges and universities.  For more information or to place and order, please contact Team Candy Suckers at [email protected], or (843) 323-7738, or visit us online at .