SC Educational Consulting & Marketing Firm Presents at National Conferences

December 2, 2009

COLUMBIA, SC – December 1, 2009 – Dr. Ted Darid Mauro of ED101, Inc. recentlyconcluded a busy presentation season with an address to members of theU.S. Department of Education as part of their Race to the TopAssessment Program meeting in Atlanta last month. His speech supportedthe creation and implementation of a national portfolio-basedassessment system for special education students.

“As a former special educator, I have personally administered fivedifferent assessments and found some much more appropriate thanothers,” he said. “Nothing was more frustrating than giving a papertest to a student who couldn’t spell their name, or a performance-basedmeasure for a task that wasn’t taught or was unnecessary for thatparticular student. Because of the variety of individual performancesand the varied factors in each classroom, I found the portfolio-basedassessment was not only the best device for me as the instructor, butalso the best understood by parents, administrators, school boards andpotential employers.”
Also in November, Dr. Mauro presented at a National Dropout PreventionConference in San Antonio, Texas on the topic of InternationalDevelopments in Vocational Education Projects, School to Work andSpecial Education Transition. Insight was gained from his recent workfor the United Nations Development Programme in training teachers andadministrators in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia on the value of creatingnational educational standards and accreditation programs.

In October, Dr. Mauro traveled to Lehigh University in Bethlehem,Pennsylvania to present at the Northeast Regional Conference of theCouncil for International Exchange of Scholars. The conference themewas Beyond Aid: Rethinking Approaches to International Development inEducation, and Dr. Mauro’s topic was The Use of Gaming and Simulationsfor the Training of Experts for K-12 Accreditation in the Republic ofGeorgia.


Incorporated in 2008 and based in Columbia, ED101 is a training,advocacy and consulting firm specializing in the creation, design,implementation, evaluation and marketing of instructional programs forgovernment, NGOs, businesses, foundations and individuals. The companyspecializes in areas of drop out prevention, at-risk youth andindividuals with disabilities and special needs. Clients include theU.S. Department of Education, United Nations Development Programme,American National Standards Institute, United Way, Professional CrisisManagement Association and the National Dropout Prevention Center.

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