SC Rep Jones Leads Effort to Suspend South Carolina Gas Tax  

March 10, 2022

This week two bills were filed in the South Carolina House of Representatives aimed at easing record breaking prices people are paying at the pumps. This legislation would suspend the gas tax in South Carolina and demand that the federal government put America first by getting out of the way and promoting American energy independence.

Rep. Jones said, “Biden and the left have created a terrible situation by deterring production of American oil and natural gas.”

Crippling gas prices have created a financial burden that will have a rippling affect. The need for gas to get to work, to buy essential goods and services, and endless other examples means other things will be impacted. The struggle to balance the household budget has reached a new level with the challenges brought on by the increased prices.

“Suspending the SC gas tax would save .26 per gallon at the pump currently as many South Carolinians are having a difficult time affording to drive,” said Jones

Rep. Jones has filed bills to repeal the gas tax before, but the current bill as authored by Jones would suspend the gas tax one year and then it would be up for review.  So far 21 other representatives have signed onto the bill.

This is an evolving story. Stay tuned.