SCE&G Joins the Council for Responsible Energy

November 25, 2008

Energy council formed to promote the environmental benefits of natural gas

COLUMBIA, SC – November 25, 2008 – While policymakers struggle to find solutions that balance America’s energy and environmental needs, South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) has joined forces with more than 190 leading energy organizations to create a new coalition focused on advancing the use of clean-burning natural gas as the responsible energy choice for the nation both now and in the future.  The Council for Responsible Energy (CRE), representing 6.5 million consumer households, is mounting a national education campaign to communicate the superior comfort natural gas provides and why it is a responsible energy choice for the environment. 

According to a new Omnibus survey issued by the CRE this fall,
• Sixty-nine percent of Americans currently use natural gas in their homes – primarily for home heating and water heating.
• Currently only 48 percent of those surveyed buy energy-efficient appliances/insulation but nearly twice as many, 93 percent, think it is very important to use less energy.
• Thirty-five percent of Americans rank energy efficiency as their top priority for home improvement in the next 12 months.

More and more we’re seeing that our customers are making efforts to be environmentally friendly in their energy choices – whether through the purchase of energy efficient appliances or using their energy more wisely,” said Marty Phalen, SCE&G vice president for Gas Operations. “However, what many don’t realize is that by using natural gas, they can help save energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment. By joining the Council for Responsible Energy, we aim to expand our education efforts to inform our customers about the benefits of natural gas.

As part of its launch, the CRE is teaming up with HGTV host Carter Oosterhouse to unveil a new educational campaign to promote the benefits of natural gas.  The campaign will provide consumers and builders with information and resources on how to be more eco-conscious in simple, affordable ways.  Many resources will be available including:

• Tips for creating a more energy efficient home – With energy costs on the rise, the CRE will provide a variety of tips on creating more energy efficient homes without sacrificing comfort or quality. 
• Web site – CRE unveils a brand new Web site – – where consumers and businesses alike can find information on the benefits of natural gas for homes and businesses. 

• Carbon calculator – In the coming weeks, consumers will be able to assess their carbon footprint through the CRE’s carbon calculator featured on as well as learn more on how to reduce their emissions. 

New Coalition Connects Over 190 Energy Organizations 
In response to the nation’s focus on energy coupled with a lack of consumer awareness on energy issues, leading energy companies including SCE&G have formed the CRE to educate consumers on energy efficiency and the choices they have in making their energy decisions.  The research also indicates that while many consumers believe that energy efficiency is important, they do not always put their beliefs into action. 

“Being energy efficient and environmentally friendly is easy with natural gas,” said Phalen. “Here in South Carolina, we’re seeing a demand for natural gas – particularly in new construction subdivisions. In 2007 we installed approximately 350 miles of new gas main, a 75 percent increase over 2006. Despite economic challenges this year, we continue to see steady growth in this sector of our business because our customers are demanding the availability of this clean burning energy.”

Using natural gas for heating your home and water produce fewer greenhouse gases than electricity or oil heating in comparable size homes.  As a result, the carbon footprint of a natural gas home is an average of 46 percent less than a home using electricity for those same appliances. Many studies have shown that the use of natural gas appliances can deliver on global climate change objectives now and over the long term.

Unlike other energy sources, more than 80% of the natural gas consumed in the United States is produced in the United States.  Natural gas is an abundant, domestic resource.

For more information on the benefits of natural gas, visit  To join the CRE, visit

South Carolina Electric & Gas
SCE&G is a regulated public utility that provides natural gas service to approximately 302,000 customers in South Carolina. SCE&G also is engaged in the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity to approximately 649,000 customers throughout the state. Information about SCE&G is available on the company’s web site at

Council for Responsible Energy
The Council for Responsible Energy (CRE) was formed in 2008 to educate and build awareness of natural gas as the responsible energy choice. Consumers, builders and businesses can save energy, reduce emissions and help protect the environment without compromising performance or lifestyle by choosing natural gas. The spreading of this message through an industry collaborative is the mission of CRE.

The CRE is currently composed of more than 190 companies involved in the natural gas industry, including natural gas suppliers, natural gas marketing companies, transmission companies, distributors and appliance manufacturers and distributors.

About the Survey
This survey was conducted for The Council of Responsible Energy via Inforsurv, Inc’s weekly omnibus survey of 1,500 U.S. residents age 18 or more.  The sample is representative of the US population using US census sample framework.  The margin of error of is +/- 2.53%.