SCRA Announces Pilot Project for Claflin University – Critical Incident Management System

February 15, 2008

CHARLESTON, SC – February 13, 2008 – SCRA, a global leader in applied research and commercialization services, announces a pilot program executed by SCRA through its National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center, Southeast Region (NLECTC-SE), for a critical incident management system for Claflin University.

This tool, the Terra Image USATM Emergency Management Operating System®, will be implemented as a three-month pilot program at Claflin University.  If a critical incident arises on campus, the system enables Claflin University, Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department and Orangeburg Police Department officials to respond with efficient and effective planning, management and decision-making.

“Timely notification of first responders and possible victims in an emergency situation is clearly important, but the Terra Image system goes beyond just notification,” said Bill Mahoney, SCRA CEO. “The system also uses GPS technology to track and deploy needed resources quickly and warns possible victims of the life-threatening condition. This is a critical component which enhances situational awareness, first responders and public safety.”

“We want to ensure that we provide a safe campus, conducive to education for all who learn, teach, work and visit the Claflin University campus,” said Claflin University President Dr. Henry N. Tisdale. “This system will provide an extra measure of security if such a situation arises.”

The appropriate Claflin University, Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department and Orangeburg Police Depart management and dispatchers will receive system training prior to the three-month pilot program.  The Emergency Management Operating System (EMOS) is a campus security tool that is an internet based Geospatial Information System.  EMOS organizes its own information geographically with TELUS Tracker (via 8 GPS enabled cell phones), maps and satellite and/or aerial images, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) modules and training, enabling Claflin University to visualize their campus, track and communicate with its own people and vehicles in real time, notify individuals and groups of incidents, and manage emergencies.  At the end of the pilot period, Claflin University, Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department and Orangeburg Police Department will provide feedback to NLECTC-SE, Terra Images and TELUS.

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SCRA is a global leader in applied research and commercialization services with offices in Anderson, Charleston, and Columbia, South Carolina. SCRA collaborates to advance technology. SCRA provides technology-based solutions with assured outcomes with industry, government, and with research universities like Clemson University, the University of South Carolina and the Medical University of South Carolina.

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Claflin University is an independent, liberal arts, co-educational, historically black institution that is dedicated to educational excellence and to preparing students without regard to gender, race, religion or ethnic origin. It is committed to offering quality undergraduate programs, select graduate programs, and viable continuing education opportunities. Undergirding the Mission is the University’s commitment to excellence in all its endeavors.

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