SeamonWhiteside completes work on Ashley River Park

April 5, 2022

SeamonWhiteside (SW+), a full-service land design firm with offices throughout the Carolinas, has proudly completed its work on the new Ashley River Park, an 87-acre public park in Dorchester County. The park sits on the banks of the scenic Ashley River adjacent to the historic Bacons Bridge on Bacons Bridge Road. Dorchester County began the park’s design in 2012 and just opened to the public last month.

The Ashley River Park adds tremendous value to Dorchester County and the Summerville area, offering various activities and outdoor recreation, including an interactive play fountain designed to look like a map of Ashley River, two dog parks, open lawn areas, a playground and picnic areas, an event space consisting of a Pavilion and a tiered lawn by a large pond with fishing piers and boardwalks. Along the banks of the Ashley River are an upgraded kayak launch and picnic area.

“Our biggest goal in the execution of this project was to make a park that was everything that Dorchester County and the community wanted it to be. It was important to us that Ashley River Park be a special part of Dorchester County,” says Jennifer Palmer, Director of the SeamonWhiteside Summerville Office.

Ashley River Park is open to the public daily between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.