Senior Action Announces Newly Revamped Fitness Center

April 16, 2012

New Facility for Seniors Made Possible by Greenville Women Giving

GREENVILLE, SC – April 16, 2012 –  Senior Action, a local nonprofit dedicated to providing programs for older adults that promote healthy lifestyles and a high quality of life, announced the opening of its newly upgraded Orchard Park Fitness Center.

Photo at right: Olivia and James Morris take strides on the new treadmills at Senior Action’s Orchard Park Fitness Center.

Facility renovations, state-of-the-art equipment, along with newly established fitness programs tailored to seniors’ needs were part of the project made possible by generous grant funding on behalf of Greenville Women Giving. Additional financial support was also provided by the World Acceptance Center. The new Fitness Center officially opened its doors last week.

“We are incredibly excited and humbled by the generosity of Greenville Women Giving and their support for this endeavor; through this significant grant, our Fitness Center and wellness program capabilities have been propelled to an entirely new level,” noted Andrea Smith, Executive Director of Senior Action.

The Fitness Center and its programs are designed with the needs of older adults in mind. All new equipment was selected according to ease of usability, versatility for upper age levels, and a high regard to safety. Daily group fitness classes offer a variety of exercise types—from low-impact aerobics to muscular stretching. Additionally, professional staff is available on-site to customize wellness plans for seniors that incorporate both fitness goals and personal needs.

As the only independent fitness center in Greenville County open exclusively to seniors, the Orchard Park Fitness Center is part of a growing nationwide movement encouraging older adults to make exercise part of their daily routines. Current studies show that consistent and regular exercise can assist in offsetting many age-related challenges, including: excessive muscle loss, deteriorating bone density, and increased difficulties with balance and flexibility.


With a variety of healthy aging programs available, Senior Action’s goalis for the new facility to meet a range of fitness levels andneeds—encouraging seniors to enhance their quality of life by practicinghealthy exercise habits. Membership includes a free orientation of thefacility, along with an understanding of an optimal workout plansuitable to individual needs. The Fitness Center will be open five days aweek and will allow a non-intrusive, comfortable environment for allmembers to exercise.

“By providing convenient opportunities to stay active and fit throughthis brand new, state-of-the-art facility, Senior Action is helpingseniors in Greenville maintain their health, increase their energy andacquire more confidence,” noted Betty Teague, Grants Assessment Chair ofGreenville Women Giving. “We are proud to lend our support to anorganization that is continuing to prove that “age is just a number,”through programs that promote a high quality of life overall.”

Photo at left: Margaret Nix tries out brand new, “senior-friendly”exercise equipment at Orchard Park Fitness Center’s Grand Re-openinglast week. The machine is an “Octane” seated elliptical that allows forgreater muscle engagement through a smooth, low-impact ellipticalmotion.


Senior Action

Senior Action is a nonprofit organization that has served the needs of seniors of Greenville County for over 43 years. Each year, close to 3,000 individuals participate in more than 300,000 hours of programming in 12 locations that encourage healthy lifestyles, meet daily needs and facilitate social and civic engagement for adults over 55.

Greenville Women Giving

Greenville Women Giving is a philanthropic organization serving Greenville County, SC, that was founded on the idea that women when informed about philanthropy and about needs in their community can collectively make a real difference. Greenville Women Giving is committed to strengthening the community through the collective resources of its members by awarding high-impact grants in five areas: arts and culture, education, health, human services, and environment.