SLG Investment Holdings, LLC CEO Sharon Gordon releases book on entrepreneurism for women

March 4, 2022

Sharon Gordon the Founder and CEO of SLG Investment Holdings, LLC (“SLGIH”) and its affiliates has released her first book targeting entrepreneurism for women. “Spending the last few years using my over two decades of professional business development and management experience to build out our emerging group of companies has really energized me and motivated me to want to encourage other like-minded entrepreneurial women who perhaps were looking for that push, to take charge of their own business identity and create their own financial freedom,” states Ms. Gordon, Author of Female Entrepreneurism is not a Myth – Women Building Business for Greater Wealth (available at

She continues, “since finally making the decision to create my own enterprise group of companies, and enjoying the ride all along, I have looked back on those things that had to happen to get it done, to further grow and develop, as well as recognizing and learning from those inspirational pioneering female business leaders who blazed the path before me. I am hoping by putting these thoughts on paper will be motivational and inspirational to other female entrepreneurs out there.”

Since inception, Ms. Gordon has created affiliate operations to run employment and staffing operations, the manufacture and distribution of Avalanche Bars, real estate and other investments and is currently under contract to add to expand affiliated operations in manufacturing and distribution.

“We continue to move the companies forward by identifying other small business operations and/or seek those opportunities to expand those companies already in-house. At SLG Staffing we are looking to add to the franchise locations around the country and hope to add no less than an additional two offices in 2022. At Foothills Food Group we are working vigorously to expand the distribution of the amazing Avalanche Bars, as well as grow our manufacturing capabilities with additional products, and have another company in due diligence right now that could fit nicely in that fold.” She continues, “Most of the companies we place into due diligence don’t make it out of due diligence, but for those that do we move forward with an expectation they can complement other operations within our group of companies. We hope to announce new acquisitions within three of our affiliated companies soon.”



SLG Investment Holdings, LLC ( founded and run by CEO Sharon Gordon, is a strategic investor, operator and manager of business operations nationwide. The company focuses on locating value‐add opportunities in essential small businesses or franchise operations as well as the development of new businesses for growth and expansion. The firm operates its current businesses and investments through affiliates SLG Staffing, LLC (, SLG Real Estate Holdings, LLC ( and Foothills Food Group, LLC (