Socks in a drawer

July 13, 2022

By Jeff Becraft


I am most certainly hampered with furniture disease – my chest has fallen into my drawers.

Recently, I have gained 7 pounds… just like that.  I don’t know where it came from but I don’t have to go looking for it; I know exactly where it is.  It is in my midsection.

“That would be called your core.”  No… if you are in shape, then you can call it a core.  But if you are out of shape (like me), then I’m not even sure I can call it an abdomen.  It is spread out… so it is a midsection.  Kind of like the Midwest.

It is very much like my sock drawer in our dresser.  It is overstuffed with socks and sticks out from the rest of the drawers.  When you open it (kind of like undoing your belt), socks just pop out.

Now, there is some really smart dude with a British accent on YouTube.  I’m not sure how he got so smart but he is like on a bunch of ads and he has answers to all kinds of problems in my life.

Some other people on YouTube aren’t that smart; they have discovered one thing in their diet that will make a difference but they have been talking for 15 minutes and still haven’t said what the one thing is.  To me, if it takes someone more than 15 minutes to say one thing, then I would not consider that person very smart.

Apparently (according to the really smart British dude), one thing I can do is drink water before I go to bed and this will take care of the sock drawer problem.  I think that I at least understand this one a little bit… That means I’ll have to get up and use the bathhouse five times during the middle of the night and so I will lose a lot of water weight and because I am having to get up so much, my metabolism will be working in a higher gear.  Also, I’ll be so tired the next day that I won’t even want to eat anything.

I wish it were all just as easy as losing a few socks in the dryer and then I can push the drawer back in.

So even if my phone thinks it is smarter than me and the British dude is definitely smarter than me, it is still a great day to have a great day!


Jeff Becraft is the Director Emeritus for Youth Corps and has dedicated much of his life to helping shift the vision of people’s lives. Youth Corps is a life-changing leadership development experience that inspires high school students to be leaders in the Midlands and beyond. You can connect with Jeff at [email protected].